En Route CD/Download

Tim Arnold
TA Music

Released: 1st May 2005

CD 9.99
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01 In Control
02 Go Around Come Around
03 Hide
04 Anything's Possible
05 Dancing With Jesus
06 I'm Not Really Here
07 Feeling Stringer
08 Soldier On
09 One Hundred Reasons
10 The Lights Of The Thames
11 This Time

This album is a collection of songs that were written and recorded in different locations over the last ten years. Although this is clearly the work of a very introspective solo artist, Arnold has kept hold of his indie-rock roots and the result is a record that really sounds like the work of a fully-fledged rock outfit.

From the opening line of 'In control', " apocalypse now / the new world order / anti-Christ / they're at the door", we are led to believe that this might be the beginning of some self -righteous political rant. Only when the conclusion is revealed in the word " lover " do we find Arnold to once again be using worldly observations to comment on something much more personal and human.

The clue to this album's story is in the title. Tracks like 'Hide' produced by Tom Newman (Mike Oldfield's' Tubular Bells') and 'One Hundred Reasons' stem back to Arnold's Jocasta days and were recorded with the band's original line up. 'Dancing With Jesus' and 'Go Around Come Around' were recorded at Rockfield in Wales with producer Simon Dawson ( Stone Roses' 'Second Coming') , 'The Lights of The Thames' in London and all other tracks recorded at Arnold's studio in Thailand.

So in essence, En Route is an eclectic mix of songs that charts Arnold's musical journey over the last decade, which on paper seems muddled but, thanks to the trademark songwriting and distinctive style, these tracks fuse together perfectly to make a coherent album in its own right. It also provides a good introduction to anyone who is unfamiliar with Arnold's music.