Hijo De La Luna Download

Tim Arnold
TA Music

Released: March 2007

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01 Marina De La Calle
02 Cien Mil Razones
03 Cruzando El Desierto
04 Que Venga, Que Sea, Que Vuela
05 Perfectos
06 Rio De Amor
07 Siento Las Fuerzar
08 Actriz
09 Todo Es Posible
10 Hijo De La Luna

In the late 1980's, Tim Arnold was as affected by music just like any other school kid, although unlike his contemporaries who were influenced by bands such as The Smiths, The Cure or U2, he was living in a small village outside Malaga in Spain attending a Spanish School. His only musical influence was Spanish radio. Artists such as Mecano, Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquin Sabina all played a part in Arnold's musical education and he always intended to record his own songs in Spanish.

Finally, in 2006, Arnold got together with Chilean lyricist and journalist, Antonio Ramirez and embarked on writing new lyrics to selected tracks that Arnold had previously recorded in English.

The result is a collection of Spanish versions of songs from Arnold's first three solo albums, including a song called 'Perfectos' (originally recorded with Jocasta as 'Perfect') and a cover of the famous Mecano song 'Hijo De La Luna', which literally means 'Moonchild' .

"Different languages contain different musicality within them. There are some emotions that connect more deeply in Spanish than in English, and vice versa. There can also be just as much enjoyment in not understanding what you hear in a song, because it enables you to focus purely on the melody. For me, singing in another language is like learning a new instrument. If the world were a piano, every language would be a different note. Music is communication and communicating is the best part of the job."