Lokutara CD/Download

Tim Arnold
TA Music

Released: 1st June 2004

CD 9.99
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01 As Above So Below
02 Give Some Understanding
03 Walking Through Walls
04 River Of Love
05 Even Though The World Is Changing
06 Lokutara
07 Let It Come, Let It Be, Let It Go
08 Actions Will Not Die
09 What You Mean To Me
10 The Rattle
11 Yourself

In the summer of 2003, Tim Arnold flew to Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand to undergo a physical and spiritual detox. Within a matter of days, Buddhist monks had begun to teach him new ways of making music by using patterns in nature.

The monks set about building Arnold a studio and gave him a second home so that could work on his music. The result was 'Lokutara'.

The album was recorded entirely in the monastery. Tracks like 'Give Some Understanding' include an ensemble of over 100 monks singing the chorus to Arnold's rock anthem of compassion. It was produced by Tristin Norwell (Embrace, Talvin Singh, Neneh Cherry). Originally released in 2004 on Norwell and Arnold's label 'Sajja Records', the album's only single 'Walking Through Walls' received considerable airplay in the UK. There was much press coverage about the record and the extraordinary circumstances of its creation, but mainly it heralded the start of Arnold's career as a solo artist.