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Tim Arnold
TA Music

Released: 1st June 2005

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01 Seeker's Serum - Part One
02 Seeker's Serum - Part Two

Seeker's Serum is a piece of music in two halves, which incorporates themes, motifs and ideas that Arnold had worked on since his early teens. In 1998 , with a Roland VS880, an Atari ST and an assortment of instruments, it was finally recorded.

To anyone who is familiar with the works of Pink Floyd, Philip Glass or Mike Oldfield (Seeker's Serum is almost a tribute to Oldfield's work in places) then this fascinating piece of music should be of interest. Its beautiful melodies are as pastoral as they are urban and show a strong classical discipline in the composer.

Although Seeker's Serum is completely different to most of Arnold's work as a songwriter, it gives a fuller picture of this artist who, after all, went from fronting an indie-rock band in the nineties to composing liturgical music at Shakespeare's Globe by the turn of the century.